Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

The food lover on a gift list can be an enjoyable person to shop for. There are a wide variety of gifts to choose from to satisfy a food lover's desire for the unusual or the especially delectable. Enjoy finding assorted delicacies or gadgets that a food lover will use and appreciate.

Pantry Items

    Help a food lover stock an extensive pantry with unusual and delectable pantry items. Assemble a collection of honeys that is sure to be a sweet treat. There are many different flavors and varieties of honeys that a food lover would enjoy sampling. Create a collection of different olive spreads and tapenades that will delight any food lover's tastes for the unusual. Also include olives of assorted flavors.

Food-Loving Chef

    Not all food lovers love to cook, but those who do would likely love interesting ingredients to experiment with. Find some unusual oils and vinegars to combine to create delicious concoctions. There are many varieties of balsamic vinegar that many food lovers would love to sample. Olive oils can also be infused with exotic flavors for interesting blends. Perhaps a complete fondue set or a distinctive teapot would be a suitable gift for a food lover.


    Inspire a food lover to create tempting creations in the kitchen by giving a gadget or two that will streamline the cooking process.

    A microplane is a versatile and useful hand-held grater that many food lovers consider a required kitchen tool. Microplanes can quickly and easily grate citrus zest, ginger, garlic, and both hard and medium cheeses.

    A silicone basting brush set may be an appreciated gift if the food lover bastes and brushes while cooking. The beauty of a silicone basting brush is in the clean-up because there are no natural bristles that become dredged with food.

    Give a meat tenderizer that effortlessly and cleanly tenderizes any cut of meat without the need for hammering and pounding. Simply place the gadget over the meat and press down firmly to push the sharp blades through the meat.

Gift Basket

    Create a gift basket made especially for the specific tastes of the food lover. If Italian food is a favorite, make a basket filled with pastas and sauces. Visit a spice store and fill a gift basket with unusual and exotic spices to tempt the food lover to try new recipes. A basket of gourmet cheeses might be an ideal gift for someone who likes to cook. A basket of gourmet fresh fruits would also appeal to many food lovers.

Sweet Tooth

    Indulge a food-loving sweet tooth with delectable and distinctive fine chocolates from around the world, including chocolate candies, chocolate fondues, chocolate fondant or chocolate extract.

    If chocolate is not the food lover's sweet of choice, try a box of other confections that are often made from the finest organic ingredients and would be a delicious treat after a satisfying meal. Marzipan is a traditional treat that originated in the Orient and was discovered by European royalty. It is an almond-flavored sweet delicacy that can be altered in many different ways.


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