Thursday, July 24, 2014

High Protein Diet to Gain Weight

A high-protein diet to gain weight is much healthier than filling up on empty calories and packing away junk food. Our bodies need fuel from nutritious foods to have energy, gain weight and generate muscle. Eating junk food and sodas is not the way to gain weight and stay healthy.

Food Selection

    The key to a high-protein diet is to choose foods that provide nutritious carbohydrates and give the body protein. You want to eat foods that are from different food groups to ensure you are getting enough of the different vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients your body needs to thrive. Gaining weight with a high-protein diet will help you gain muscle weight, instead of unhealthy fat weight.


    One of the best fruits for gaining weight is bananas. Bananas are filled with nutrients and vitamins. A side benefit to bananas is how easily digestible they are. You can eat bananas plain or mix them in a high-protein smoothie, chop them up for salads or use them as an ingredient whole-grain bread recipes.


    Yogurt is an essential dietary item for a high-protein diet to gain weight. Yogurt is packed with protein and calcium. You can build up your muscles and bones by including a couple servings of yogurt daily. Like bananas, there are numerous ways to prepare yogurt. Low-fat yogurt versions give you the healthy benefits while decreasing your saturated fats.


    Nuts are a source of protein and carbohydrates. You can eat nuts sprinkled on breakfast food, as a healthy snack and even in salads to give you energy throughout the day. Peanuts and almonds are flavorful and affordable. You can gain weight by adding nuts to your daily diet to help you build muscle and maintain energy.


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