Monday, July 7, 2014

Colon Cleanse Diet Recipes

Colon cleanses help the body reduce toxins that build up over time. Many feel that fecal matter impacts itself in the creases and turns of the colon and a colon cleanse will help to dislodge this matter and flush it out of the body. The result is the body can absorb nutrients more effectively and digest food more efficiently eliminated waste properly.

Preparing Drinks

    Use purified water for everything. Drink about 3 liters daily and use purified water to dilute fruit juices. Mix one part fresh squeeze orange or lemon juice with two parts water. Adding a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper will help the body retain ideal electrolyte levels while helping release mucus. Using a juicer, you can create fruit and vegetable mixtures that include high vitamin C foods with easily digested vegetables such as citrus fruits, plums, guavas, carrots and spinach.

Fiber Foods

    Raw food diets are often referred to when talking about cleansing. The reason is that the process of cooking reduces the vitamin and mineral content of food. Additionally, processed foods are more difficult to metabolize and create more toxic waste in the process. Soaking dried fruit overnight and placing it in an oatmeal breakfast is a great high-fiber meal that helps the body clean itself. When preparing fresh fruits and vegetable, remove pits and seeds as well as skin as they can be difficult to digest. Brown rice with lightly steamed plain spinach is also a good cleanse meal.

Cleanse Preparation

    Depending on how little food a person will be consuming during a cleanse, it may be important to prepare the body for the cleanse. This includes several days of eating foods not derived or prepared with animal products including eggs, dairy and meats. Limiting the amount of spices, artificial flavors and preservatives will also prepare the body. Eliminate caffeinated soft drinks, chocolate and cigarettes when preparing for the cleanse and through the duration of the cleanse. Resume this preparation after the cleanse is done to help the body regain its metabolic functions without becoming constipated or sick.


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