Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Diet Foods for Lunch

When you eat lunch, you need something quick and easy---but when you are also on a diet, "quick and easy" can sometimes translate into "fatty and unhealthy." Finding the appropriate diet foods for lunch can sometimes be a difficult task. With a little ingenuity and know-how, however, you can easily put together a quick and healthy diet menu that can be utilized at home or on the go.

Planning for Success

    Plan your lunch menu for the coming week over the weekend so that when lunch rolls around you do not find yourself tempted by the nearest fast-food chain. If you are tempted to eat out, find the nearest sandwich shop in proximity to either your home or work. A sandwich with turkey (or chicken), lettuce and tomato on whole-grain bread with mustard will only add up to about 300-400 calories. If you can avoid the restaurant scene altogether, then make your meals in advance as you are planning over the weekend. Many homemade dishes can be frozen or refrigerated for use later in the week.

Choosing the Right Foods

    There are three basic elements to a successful diet lunch. First, the core of your menu needs to be a high-quality lean protein such as fish, chicken or turkey. Keep your portion size reasonably small (no bigger than the palm of your hand). This protein will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from feeling hungry too quickly again. Secondly, incorporate a high-fiber vegetable as a side dish. Avoid chips and other fatty sides that give you little nutrition and do nothing to fill up your stomach. Instead, stick to green, leafy vegetables such as a good romaine salad or steamed broccoli, which can be easily reheated in a microwave. These foods will help your body stay satisfied throughout the remainder of the afternoon.

Reward Yourself

    The third, final, and most important thing to remember when planning your lunches is to reward yourself for your ingenuity and planning. Always include a healthy dessert with the rest of your lunch. This can include fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt or fat-free pudding in a sinfully delicious flavor. By giving yourself a sweet treat along with your filling lunch, you can avoid the urge to snack. Follow these simple steps and guidelines and planning a healthy lunch will soon become second nature.


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