Friday, February 7, 2014

Seven-Day Detoxification Diet

Seven-Day Detoxification Diet

The seven-day detoxification diet is a diet that is supposed to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. The idea behind the diet is that our bodies can get clogged with toxins from the chemicals in our foods and from the environment. The detoxification diet lasts for seven days and only raw, fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed in the first few days, as well as plenty of water.


    The seven-day detoxification diet requires that you add supplements to your daily routine. This is not mandatory however, but it is something that should be considered in order to make the most of the detoxification process. The supplements that are recommended should include natural ingredients such as fennel, flax seed oil and senna. These ingredients are supposed to absorb the toxins in the colon and help flush them out of the system.

What to Eat

    The first three days of the detox diet are crucial for the detoxification process. Therefore, for these three days it is recommended that only water, fruit and vegetables be consumed. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten in their raw form in order to preserve the vitamins and minerals and aid in the detoxification process. On the fourth day, cooked vegetables and brown rice can be added and after that, dairy products and fish can slowly be re-introduced. At least eight-large glasses of water should be consumed daily.


    Although there is little scientific evidence that detox programs are indeed beneficial, the claims state that there are significant overall benefits. Some of these benefits are said to include a stronger immune system, eradication of sugar cravings, cleansing the blood of toxins, weight loss and an improvement to the appearance of the eyes, skin and hair.


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