Thursday, December 5, 2013

Healthy Detox Diet Recipes

Detox diets are designed to cleanse and detox just about any part of your body. Usually they consist of a limited diet, or fasting. Some diets also include supplements that can be purchased over-the-counter. Talk to other people who have done the diet to determine if it is a detox diet that suits your needs.

Master Cleanse

    One of the most popular 10-day detox diet is the Master Cleanse. This diet has been around since 1970, but is still considered a fad by many people. It has gotten a lot of attention as many stars, like Beyonce, have used it for rapid weight loss as well as detoxing.

    Every day of the cleanse, you limit your intake to 1,200 calories that are consumed from a lemonade mixture. The lemonade is made from lemon juice and maple syrup mixed with a pinch of cayenne pepper in 2l of water. This drink is all you will consume over the 10-day period. As well as limiting your diet, you also drink a laxative tea or a salt water flush that helps wash out your colon. After 10 days of this combination of diet and flushing, you eliminate all residual waste from you colon. The secondary effect of this diet is that you are also completely cutting out other substances, like caffeine and alcohol.

    The first couple of days of this diet are often quite difficult, as people report being very hungry and having headaches. People who make it through the initial phase report that it gets easier, and at the end of the 10 days, they have lost weight and feel clean and refreshed.


    There are a host of other detox diets as well. Many are geared towards a particular medical goal, for example food allergies or liver cleansing. Food allergies affect many people and cause a host of problems like digestive troubles, headaches and even acne. Detoxing from these foods means eating a very limited diet of white rice and boiled chicken for 10 days. Liver detox diets typically involve no alcohol and low-fat foods that allow the liver to rest, as fats are harder for the liver to metabolize. The 10-day time period is typically long enough to clear the system and allow the organ to return to normal function.


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