Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Gain Muscle With a High-Protein Diet

How to Gain Muscle With a High-Protein Diet

Protein is essential for building muscles. The amino acids that make up protein help repair torn muscle fibers or increase their strength. If you feel that your workouts are not resulting in added muscle growth, chances are you need more protein in your diet. With the right amounts of added protein consumed at the right time, you can gain muscle quickly.



    Add more natural protein sources to your diet. These include lean meats, almonds, beans and soy. Protein stimulates muscle growth by providing the amino acids that help synthesize new muscle tissue and repair any muscle damage. For a high-protein diet, you will need between .8 and 1.5 grams of protein per pound of your weight every day, depending on your goal. If you have muscle but want more, use the lower amount. If you do not have much muscle mass and want to gain some, use the higher amount.


    Cut out fat from your natural diet. While increasing protein can help you build muscle, it can also increase your fat intake, as many natural protein sources also have fat. Trim the fat off of any meats, and try to avoid foods high in fat and simple sugars, which turn into fat when not used.


    Consume protein sources at optimal times. Protein first thing in the morning jump starts your metabolism. Consuming protein within 45 minutes of working out is optimal because your muscles are starving for energy and repair sources. The faster they can get this protein, the quicker they can grow. Drinking nutritious shakes are one of the most efficient ways to deliver the protein.


    Work out with high weight resistance that requires fewer repetitions for a set. High weight resistance challenges your muscles more, thus resulting in bigger muscle fibers when they recover.


    Take protein supplements such as whey protein for increased muscle growth. Do this if your natural protein sources are limited or if you find that you aren't increasing in strength or muscle mass despite losing fat. Whey protein is a high-density source of protein that can be added into shakes.


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