Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cleansing Whole Food Diets

Cleansing Whole Food Diets

Starting a whole foods diet is a beneficial way to cleanse the body and lose weight. Types of whole foods are whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts and non-homogenized dairy foods. Diets rich in whole foods limit the risk of cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Also, losing weight with a whole foods diet is easier because whole foods fill you up without adding calories. Since hundreds of companies offer whole foods cleansing diets, the better diets include a cost-effective, safe diet plan that focuses on getting the proper body alkaline.

Raw Food Diet

    A raw foods-based diet emphasizes eating a diet of whole foods. This type of diet will balance the body's pH system, nourish the body, create energy for the body, advance weight loss and boost the immune system. A few raw foods-based diets are the Crazy Sexy Diet and The Raw Food Revolution Diet. The Raw Food Revolution Diet was invented by Cherie Soria; she founded Living Light Culinary Arts School and is a raw foods chef. This diet excludes cooked foods, dairy and meat, processed foods, caffeine and alcoholic beverages. The Crazy Sexy Diet was designed by Kris Carr, a cancer survivor. This diet is a whole foods, vegan diet that focuses on drinking raw greens smoothies and eating raw vegetables to detox the body.

Liquid Cleansing Diets

    Liquid detox diets use whole foods to make smoothies and juices. Liquid whole foods diets focus on cleansing the colon and minimizing weight gain. For example, the Green Smoothies Diet was developed by health educator Robyn Openshaw. The Green Smoothies Diet shows dieters how to create smoothies out of fruits and vegetables. The diet plan offers three program levels; a three-day cleansing program, a 30-day fat burner and cleansing program and a permanent lifestyle change program. Each level provides 15 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

7- to 30-Day Whole Foods Detox Programs

    Seven- to 30-day whole food cleansing diets are usually created for people who lead busy lifestyles or who want to cleanse their body on a periodic basis. Some diet plans are the Clean Green and Lean Diet and The Quantum Wellness Detox Diet. The Clean Green and Lean Diet is a four-week diet plan focused on eliminating harmful toxins in the body. This detox diet creates recipes from organic foods and whole foods. The diet was created by Walter Crinnion, a naturopathic doctor, who asserts that eliminating toxins helps lose excess weight. Quantum Wellness was created by bestselling author Kathy Freston. Quantum Wellness is a 21-day vegan detox diet; no meat, alcohol, caffeine, sugar or gluten is allowed to be consumed. She suggests that dieters incorporate this cleansing program into their lifestyle twice a year.

Specialty Whole Foods Cleansing Diets

    Personalized whole foods cleansing programs focus on the individual and his specific cleansing needs. Detox for Women and Eating For Energy: Living Foods Diet are two such whole foods cleansing programs. Detox for Women was created by Natalia Rose, the author of Raw Food Detox Diet; it is a four-week program that focuses on eating specific whole foods that eliminate yeast and bacteria in the body. Eating For Energy: Living Foods Diet was created for athletes and physically active people who want to change their way of eating. Yuri Elkaim, a nutritionist and certified kinesiologist, created this living plant whole foods diet to help people detox and reach their optimal athletic performance. He emphasizes that whole foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables, have the best nutritional and energy value.


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