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Weight Loss With Shots

Weight Loss With Shots

Several types of injections can be prescribed for weight loss, although not all of them are as effective as advertised. These injections are referred to as lipotropics, which means that they promote the breakdown of fat throughout the body, increasing metabolism. The two most common injections marketed as lipotropics are human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which a doctor must administer, and vitamin B12 injections, which are available in non-prescription form.

Learning More About Shots

    According to registered dietician Katherine Zeratsky of the Mayo Clinic, there is little compelling evidence that hCG actually causes weight loss. The U.S. Food and Drug Administraiton has not approved hCG for weight loss, since hCG is most commonly used as a fertility treatment. Vitamin B12 shots have been shown to have many beneficial effects, particularly on individuals who were suffering from a deficiency beforehand, but have not been shown by studies to directly promote weight loss.

Supplement Good Habits

    Shots alone are not sufficient to stimulate weight loss. Lipotropic injections should be used alongside proper diet and exercise in order to be effective. As the link between these injections and actual weight loss has yet to be scientifically shown, if there is an effect, it is relatively minor. Such injections should not be expected to be effective in treating severe obesity. Anyone seeking to lose weight should consult with a physician first for guidance.

Beware Wild Promises

    Many of the marketing materials for weight-loss injections are highly misleading. One prominent advocate of hCG injections, Kevin Trudeau, was charged by the Federal Trade Commission with deceptive advertising in 2007 for promising massive weight loss by using a special diet and the shots. Severe calorie restriction diets, such as the one Trudeau advocated, can lead to dangerous nutritional deficiencies.

Inject B12 Responsibly

    Vitamin B12 injections should be supervised by a physician, as it can be relatively simple to overdose on the vitamin, even though it can be acquired and administered without a prescription. The vitamin can be helpful for vegans because they often do not receive nearly as much of it in their diet as others with a less restricted diet. Many who take B12 report elevated mood and energy, which makes them less likely to overeat and gain weight. In this manner, it can be an effective weight-loss aid.

Consult Before Taking B12

    B12 injections are usually not necessary for people with normal diets, as they get all of their requirements from the food they eat every day. The substance is non-toxic and not dangerous even in large quantities. Even so, the test for B12-deficiency is simple and inexpensive and should be taken before beginning a program of injections. Study promises of weight loss using the injection carefully, as the loss may be because of changes in diet and exercise rather than the introduction of B12.


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