Friday, September 20, 2013

How to Get a Flat Belly

How to Get a Flat Belly

A flat belly doesn't have to be something elusive belonging only to skinny high school girls or the stars in Hollywood. There is no reason to deal with tummy flab ... when you, too, could have a flat belly. No personal trainer needed ... just follow these tips, get motivated, and work toward achieving your own flat belly!


    Eat well

    Eat healthily to achieve a flat belly naturally. Focus on whole foods, eliminating processed food, simple carbohydrates and white sugar from your meals. Include healthy fats, including raw dairy if possible, in your diet. If you are following the Flat Belly Diet, tailoring the meal choices as allowed.


    Exercise to get a flat belly. Physical fitness helps build and strengthen muscles, which will increase your metabolism and help you lose weight form your tummy area more easily. Alternate weight training with cardiovascular workouts and stomach exercises for best results.

    Get a flat belly!

    Track weight loss as you work to get a flat belly. Allow your progress to motivate you, even when it's not going as fast as you'd like. Celebrate every lost inch with a healthy snack, fun activity or something you enjoy -- as long as it's not breaking your flat belly diet.


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