Monday, July 8, 2013

Foods Containing Progesterone

Progesterone is an animal hormone responsible for the female menstrual cycle and it plays a huge role in fertility and conception. There are only a few sources of progesterone in foods, but increasing progesterone levels have been noted to have a positive effect on the ability to conceive and carry a fetus.

Wild Yams

    Wild yams are full of natural progesterone. They can be eaten like potatoes and also found in topical creams.

Milk Products

    Milk products are rich in progesterone due to the fact that dairy cows have progesterone surges from carrying their calves.


    Beef can have smaller levels of progesterone, but may increase human progesterone levels when it is eaten on a regular basis.


    Chicken contains levels of progesterone, especially in the white meat.


    Eggs have higher levels of progesterone in the yolk of the egg.


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