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Diet & Blood Type

Diet & Blood Type

Our blood types are based on the presence or absence of specific antigens or red blood cells. These blood types are A, B, AB and O, and are either positive or negative. Positive blood types have the RH antigen. Type A contains A antigen, B contains B antigen, AB contains both A & B and type O contains neither and is considered the universal donor.

Origins of Blood types

    Dr. Peter D'Adamo. author of "Eat For Your Type," claims the evolutionary origins of blood types were influenced by changes in environment over the years. The original blood type was type O, and was primarily the blood type of the early hunters. Type A came next when agriculture began replacing hunting as a means of sustenance, Type B followed during the many environmental changes. The final blood type was AB, which has properties of both A and B, and today makes up only 5 percent of the population.

Diet for Type A

    fresh veggies for type A

    Type A people should eat a diet with an emphasis on vegetables, with protein and high carbohydrate foods eaten in moderation. Dairy foods should also be eaten only occasionally, and in the low-fat versions. Dr. D'Adamo claims that a vegetarian diet is the most suitable for this blood type. He also suggests eliminating peppers, tomatoes and tropical and citrus fruits.

Diet for Type B

    juicy lamb chops for type B

    Blood type B people do best by avoiding chicken, bacon, ham and shellfish entirely. Other foods to eliminate from their diets are beef, wheat, rye, tomatoes and corn. Dr D'Adamo suggests goat, lamb mutton and venison for protein. Green vegetables, eggs and low-fat dairy are also recommended for this blood type. Type B is generally quite successful in staying within normal weight range.

Diet for Type AB

    seafood for type AB

    Type AB people should not indulge in caffeine and alcohol. Dr. D'Adamo encourages foods such as seafood, tofu, dairy and green vegetables. Avoid all smoked, cured meats and fish. Suggested fish are salmon, sardines, tuna and red snapper. Yogurt is recommended for type AB people. Type AB people do well with small and frequent meals.

Diet for Type O

    tender delicious steak for type O

    If you are a type O, Dr. D'Adamo recommends avoiding eggs and dairy foods. Also on the list of foods to eliminate are breads and pasta made from wheat. Cabbage, corn and Brussels sprouts should be eliminated. A diet rich in meat, fish and most vegetables works best for this blood type.

Does It Work?

    According to Katherin Zeratsky, R.D., of the Mayo Clinic, there is no scientific pattern of food allergies with blood types. According to studies, eating correctly for your blood type has not had any favorable influence on weight loss or overall good health. She also states that eating according to your blood type may not ultimately provide your nutritional needs.


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